110 Health And Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil



110 health and beauty uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil is definitely one of the best oils there is. Natural, safe, affordable, and effective, not to mention that it smells really nice, too, coconut oil offers tons of both health and beauty benefits making this an instant favorite. With it being very versatile as well, there are numerous ways of taking advantage of all the good stuff that this oil has to offer, speaking of which…

Coconut Oil Because

To give you a much better understanding as to why you should use coconut oil as much as possible, here is a quick little break down of all the good stuff jam packed into each and every single drop. With coconut oil, a little really does go a long, long way.

  • Lauric Acid – Kills bacteria, especially the kind that causes acne.
  • Capric Acid – Full of strong antimicrobial and antiviral properties.
  • Caprylic Acid – Antioxidant that is great for sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin E – Ups UV protection and slows down signs of aging. Helps prevent sagging by keeping the connective tissues of the skin nice and strong.
  • Vitamin C – Stimulates collagen production, all around antioxidant that helps fight off those nasty free radicals. And remember, ANTIOXIDANTS = ANTI-AGING.
  • MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids ) -Protect skin from infections and bacteria. Create a skin pH that is deadly for microbes, especially the acne-causing bacterium known as Propionibacteriu
  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) – Penetrate deep into skin pores. Unclog blocked pores, removing dirt, grime, pollution, and germs. Dissolve the ‘bad’ oils that clog pores and cause acne and blackheads.

Of course, you could go right ahead and use it on it’s own. After all, it is pretty perfect just the way it is, or you could even enhance the oil by adding other ingredients to cater to your specific needs. Here are a couple of my personal faves, different uses and benefits of coconut oil:

coconut oil because

But, if you’re more interested in mixing and matching and creating your very own coconut oil concoctions (along with a couple of use it as is tips and tricks), just as titled , presenting 110 health and beauty uses of Coconut oil. We’ve scoured the world wide web and here are the top picks we’ve found, of course along with some of our very own BeYouthful recipes and remedies as well.

coconut oil for skin

Coconut Oil For Skin

1. Moisturizer – When it comes right down to using coconut oil all on its own, one of the best ways is to simply slather it directly on your skin. That’s right. Not only does coconut oil moisturize, but it actually heals your dry skin, too. Just remember, a little really does go a long way. So before you go ‘loco for coco’, make sure you really massage in all the good stuff before adding more.

2. Lotion –  If you look at the store bought kind, coconut oil is one ingredient that you find in quite a lot of brands. But, why buy when you can DIY? Check out this neat homemade soothing coconut oil lotion recipe.

homemade lotion bars

3. Lotion Bars – If you don’t wanna bring a bottle to help keep your skin moisturized, how about a bar? Make it then take it wherever you go. Mess free = Worry free. No spilling here.

4. Face Cream–  Again, you could just add good, old, plain coconut oil to your beauty routine as a face cream, or you could make things a bit more interesting by adding a couple more ingredients.

homemade moisturizer5. Whipped Body Butter – Another neat way to moisturize your skin is to whip up, quite literally, a fresh batch of whipped body butter. This recipe smells and feels as yummy as it sounds. The great part? Only three ingredients needed – coconut oil, cocoa butter, and argan oil.

6. Lemon and Coconut Oil Moisturizer –  Now this is kind of another take on the recipe right before this, whipped body butter, but with a zesty, citrus twist instead. Refreshing!

7. Massage Oil –  Not only does coconut oil moisturize your skin, but it can also help soothe your tired senses and relieve those aching muscles when used as a massage oil.

8. Muscle Rub – But if you really are sore, hopefully from a strenuous workout, when dealing with extra stiff muscles, you can try this mix. Adding these ingredients to coconut oil can be a big help.

9. Soap – Coconut oil is great for making soap, too. A bit more complicated than other DIYs, no doubt, so we liked this one because it has a neat-o video.


10. Bath Bombs – To make your time in the tub much more enjoyable, bath bombs are the best. Also known as fizzies or fizzers. Plus, after you make a batch, as long as you store them in a cool, dry place, you can keep them as long as you would keep an unopened bar of soap, which is pretty long.

11. Bath Oil – You can add a few drops of coconut oil directly to you bath as well. Not only will this soften the water, per se, but it will also soften your skin, too. Plus, it will leave your smelling oh so good.

12. Epsom Salt Detox Bath –  By pairing Epsom salt and coconut oil, you get a wonderful detox bath to help rid your body of those unwanted toxins. Plus, nothing is quite as relaxing as a long soak in the tub after an even longer day. Am I right???

13. Coconut Oil To Clean Your Face  – Without having to add any other ingredient, aside from the use of water, that is, you can actually use coconut oil, just coconut oil, to clean your face. No soap needed. It’s called oil cleansing, BTW.

14. Makeup Remover – Coconut oil is a great way to get rid of stubborn waterproof mascara. Yes, you read that right, waterproof mascara. It works really well by breaking down inky, waxy makeup while moisturizing the skin at the same time. All you have to do is get a cotton ball, put a little coconut oil, and gently rub the makeup away.

15. Deep Cleanser –  Acne, redness, scars and the like? Check out this two ingredient solution. Of course, depending on the severity, this DIY deep cleanser may not totally free your face of those problems, but it will definitely help.

Jessica Alba beauty secrets

16. Face Scrub – We love this DIY, and apparently, it is one of Jessica Alba’s favorites, too. JESSICA ALBA, ‘nuff said.

17. Body Scrub –  Heck, you could go right ahead and apply the ‘Jessica Alba’ face scrub all over your body if you want to, or you could also check out this other recipe here, too.

18. Foot Scrub – Yes, you have face scrub, body scrub, and now foot scrub, too. This foot scrub may also be used on other parts of your body, of course, but this recipe comes with specific instructions on how to apply it to your feet. Home foot spa! And might I just add, COCONUT + VANILLA = HEAVEN!

19. Highlighter – Earlier on, we mentioned how you can use coconut oil as a makeup remover. Well, lo and behold, it can also be used as a highlighter. Get that extra glow by applying a small amount of coconut oil along your cheekbones.

20. Night Cream- You can go right ahead and use coconut oil as a night cream, too. After your evening routine of washing your face, show your skin some love and slather on some coconut oil before hopping into bed.

21. Night Cream Blend– Wanna make your coconut oil even better? Add these two other ingredients.

Homemade Coconut Oil Eye Cream

22. Eye Cream – Who said that eye cream needed to be expensive? This is a safe and effective easy to make two ingredient recipe. Did I mention that it’s cheap, too?

23. Scar Reducer- Coconut oil can also be used to help reduce/fade the appearance of scars as long as it is applied religiously on a regular basis. It’s true. Check out the vid below to see for yourself.

24. Shaving Cream- You can pretty much use coconut oil like you would any other shaving cream. The difference is is that unlike the others, because coconut oil is, well, oil, it is pretty much water resistant. So it sticks to your skin keeping it moisturized and hydrated. Plus, you get the closest shave ever.

25. Aftershave- Yep. You can use is as your shaving cream, and you can use coconut oil as an aftershave as well, especially in the underarm area. TIP: To really lock in the good stuff, you can follow up with a dash of corn starch.

26. So you don’t shave and you prefer wax instead. Well, if you do it yourself at home, you should know that sometimes you’re left in a rather sticky situation, quite literally. You can use coconut oil to remove any excess wax left on your skin. Simply slather some coconut oil then wipe off with a warm washcloth.


27. Deodorant – Speaking of underarms, coconut oil is great base for making your very own deodorant.

28. Underarm Whitener-   Because of the vitamin E content in coconut oil, you can also use this to help whiten your underarms. Before jumping in the shower, take coconut oil as is and gently massage it onto your underarms in a circular motion focusing on the problem areas. Let it sit for a good ten minutes or so, and then rinse off in the shower with soap and warm water.  Do this everyday if possible.

underarm scrub29. Underarm Whitening Scrub–  So, not only can coconut oil be used as a deodorant and a liquid treatment, but when paired with this ingredient here, it can also help to whiten your underarms. Remember that if you are dealing with dark pits, exfoliating is a must. So go ahead and rub-a-dub-scrub.

30. Eye Serum- Applying coconut oil under your eyes can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags. When doing this, instead of rubbing the coconut oil in as you would massage it onto your face, simply dap your finger in some and then lightly pat the coconut oil on. Do so in a quick and light motion covering the problem areas.

31. Actually, you could even use this same method and pat coconut oil onto the laugh lines at the side of your eyes as well to help reduce their appearance, too. Don’t have any laugh lines just yet? Why wait? It is also a good preventive measure.

belly balm32. Belly Balm– Whether you’re about to become one proud mom, or if you’re proud of losing some serious weight, this homemeade belly balm recipe can help you deal with stretch marks, and by deal I mean help prevent them in the first place or help them fade.

33. Cellulite Cream–  This recipe is potent- but in a good, safe, and effective way. If you’re dealing with cellulite, this is a must try.

34. Cellulite Scrub– Wanna step up your cellulite be gone game? Then add a scrub to the mix.

35. Earlier on, we touched on using coconut oil as a natural highlighter for your face, well, you can also use coconut oil to clean your makeup brushes, too. Remember, you want to keep those as clean as possible. You do use them on your face, of all places, after all.

36. Skin Softener- Some areas of your skin can get particularly rough, especially your elbows and knees. Another great way to use coconut oil as is is to rub it on those areas to help make your skin soft and smooth.

37. Moisturizing Face Mist – When you’re feeling like your skin is a bit dry but you’re out and about and there is absolutely no way you can run home to and go through your whole beauty routine, then this take along moisturizing is perfect.  Healthier, dewier skin is just a spritz away.

38. Age Spots Away- Applying coconut oil directly can also help fade age spots/sub spots.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 6.13.28 AM

39. Skin Tag Removal– Coconut oil can also be used to get rid of those unwanted skin tags, too.

40. Wart Removal- To help get rid of warts, here is what you need”

  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 10 Drops Lemon Oil
  • 10 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 Drops Thyme Oil.

Mix the oils together, apply on the affected area, and let it sit for a good 30-40 minutes before rinsing off. Do this about three times a day.

Image taken from noskinproblems.com
Image taken from noskinproblems.com

41. Acne Away – Coconut oil, because of it’s amazing antimicrobial properties, can also be used as a pimple cream. So, the next time acne is acting up, you can go ahead and apply it directly onto the problem area or you can check out this acne mask recipe here.

42. Eczema Away Too – Coconut oil also works for eczema. Just apply it very lightly on the affected area, as is, about three times a day.

43. Blackhead Remover- Coconut oil and turmeric (choose Kasturi Turmeric- the non-staining kind!) can help you get rid of those nasty blackheads when a pore strip just doesn’t seem to work. All you have to do is blend a little bit of both ingredients until you have a paste like substance then dab around the nose area. Let it sit for a good ten minutes then rinse off. This is also good for preventing blackheads in the first place.

44. Cracked heels? Coconut oil to the rescue.

homemade hand cream45. Hand Cream- After all, you have to take good care of your little helpers.

46. Body Wrap–  Tighten skin, get rid of cellulite, and lose weight too? Yes, please! The link here pretty much covers everything you need to know about body wraps, so it might take you a a bit of scrolling to get to the recipe. So, here it is, copied from the site, in case you already know the down low on body wraps  and want to skip all that.

  • 2 Parts Coconut Oil
  • 4 Parts Coffee Grains or Brown Sugar
  • A Few Drops Essential Oil (if you want a different scent)

47. Soothe Sunburns- Spent a little too much time under the sun? Well, because of it’s moisturizing properties, you can massage coconut oil, ever so gently, of course, onto your sunburns to help soothe and heal.

48. Coconut Oil Sunblock  – But remember, prevention is always better than cure. Check out this awesome coconut oil sunblock recipe here to help keep you skin safe from those nasty UV rays.

Body Polish

49. Body Polish – Get that natural glow and brighten up dull dry skin. SWEET!

50. Corn Removal – To help remove corns, you can use coconut oil to soften that hardened skin by applying it three times a day and really massaging/kneading into you skin. When the corn is softened, then you can use a pumice stone to remove it.

51. Callus Removal – If it can be used on corns, it can definitely be used to help get rid of calluses as well.

coconut oil for lips

Coconut Oil For Lips

52. Lip Scrub – with just two ingredients, you can make your very own lip scrub in just a couple of minutes. Coconut oil and brown sugar.

peppermint lip scrub

53. Peppermint Lip Scrub – Everyday can feel like Christmas with this peppermint twist. If you want to try something other than brown sugar, check out this holiday inspired recipe.

homemade moisturizing lip balm

54. Lip Balm –  You can also use coconut oil right on top of your favorite lipstick to add shine without leaving you with a greasy feeling, or with a couple other ingredients, you can even make your very own lip balm.

55. Tinted Lip Balm – So, we’ve already covered making coconut oil lip balm, however, you can also make tinted lip balm, too. When you’re done to the very last of your favorite lipstick, instead of merely tossing out the tube, you can scrape out the very last of it, melt it with a little bit of coconut oil, mix, let it harden (you can pop it in the fridge overnight) and voila! Tinted coconut oil lip balm.

coconut oil for nails

Coconut Oil For Nails

56. Athletes Foot Away– Coconut oil can also be used to help treat athletes foot.

57. Nail Fungus Remedy – Unfortunately, nail fungus doesn’t only happen on your feet. In some cases, people can get them on their fingernails, too. Here is a pretty good list of coconut home remedies that you can try.

58. Coconut Oil For Your Cuticles – That’s right. Rubbing some coconut oil onto your cuticles will help keep them moisturized which then keeps your whole nails stronger and shinier, just the way you want them to be.

59. Hangnail Prevention – Using coconut oil as is, because of being such a great moisturizer, can also help prevent nasty little hangnails. After washing, massage some coconut oil onto your fingers and cuticles. Heck, you might as well do your entire hand while at it.

Photo and recipe credits to sheknows.com
Photo and recipe credits to sheknows.com

60. Blended Cuticle Cream – Wanna mix and match? You can make your very own coconut cuticle cream by adding just one more ingredient! There are other interesting recipes here too that you may wanna try.

61. Nail growth- To help with nail growth, do the following:

  •  ¼ Cup Coconut Oil
  • ¼ Cup Honey
  • 4 Drops Rosemary Oil

Mix. Heat up in the microwave for a good 10-15 minutes or so, when nice and warm, soak your nails in this mixture for about 15 minutes.

62. Nail Soaks – Aside from the recipe above, here are two nail soaks that use coconut oil. One is for nail repair and the second is to give what they call, a “nail boost”.

63. No Polish Manicure– Now you can have shiny nails and you won’t even have to worry about chipping your polish, let along picking away at it yourself.

coconut oil for teeth

Coconut Oil For Teeth

64. Coconut Oil Toothpaste – This is a great alternative to the store bought kind. It’s relatively easy to make and it pretty much gets the job done.

Coconut Oil pulling

65. Oil Pulling – Aside from toothpaste, have you heard about oil pulling? Coconut oil is just perfect for that. Do note though that even if it is great to help get rid of that nasty morning breath, oil pulling is no substitute for regular brushing and flossing. It is an addition, not an alternative.

coconut oil for hair


Coconut Oil For Hair

coco66. Hair Moisturizer – Coconut oil is also king of hair care. You can go ahead and apply it as is directly onto your strands to help make them strong, silky, and smooth. All you have to do is take a couple of drops on the palms of your hands, rub your palms together to heat it up a bit, then simply run it through your hair making your way from root to tip.

67. Overnight Hair Mask- Another way to use coconut oil on your hair is by rubbing it on just as mentioned above, but do so rather generously, and do so right before you sleep. But to make sure that you don’t get coconut oil all over your pillows and sheets, wrap your hair up in a shower cap and then rinse off in the morning.

68. Repairing Hair Mask – By adding a couple ingredients, you can enhance it’s effects. Check out this neat leave on / leave in (people call it different things) coconut oil conditioner here.

69. Lavender Infused Coconut Oil Hair Treatment –  Who doesn’t love lavender? Plus, it does wonders for your hair! Hoorah!

70. Hair Growth Mask- Paired with castor oil, you can make this hair mask that is supposed to help your strands grow longer faster. But even if you may be a bit skeptical, it will at the very least moisturize and hydrate your hair.

71. Leave In Conditioner – Leave in conditioners are great to moisturize your hair. Check out this three ingredient one here- along with a couple other leave in conditioners you might wanna try.

72. Conditioner – Don’t wanna leave your conditioner on/in? Well, then can go ahead and use it as you would any other conditioner when in the shower let sit for about three minutes, then rinse off right after.

coconut milk shampoo

73. Coconut Milk/Coconut Oil Shampoo – Not only does this clean and moisturize your hair, but it leaves it smelling so good, too.

74. And when you need to tame your mane, coconut oil can also be a great frizz control. Add equal parts water and put into a tiny little spray bottle Make it, shake it, and take it- have a small spray bottle ready in your bag even when your on the go.

75. Hair Mist– But if you wanna shake things up a bit and add a couple more ingredients, this coconut oil hair mist not only helps you deal with frizz, but it also moisturizes and repairs, and even helps prevent breakage.  You wanna keep your strands silky strong, after all.

76. Detangler- More on hair care, coconut oil is a great after shower detangler, too. Plus, if you’re mom, because it is safe and natural, is can be used on your kids as well.

77. Gray Hair Treatment– Instead of just dying your hair to hide the gray (or white), why not try this safe and natural solution?

78. Coconut oil is a safe and natural way to get rid of head lice, too. If you notice that you’re scratching your head much more often than you should, and it isn’t a bad case of dandruff, then maybe you have some creep crawlers up there. Gross as it may be, don’t panic! Here are a couple different coconut oil remedies that you can try to help save your head, save your hair, and pretty much save face too

79. Gum stuck in your hair? One of the easiest ways to get out of this sticky mess, or to get this sticky mess out of your hair, literally, that is, is to just chop it right off.  But if you want to maintain your main, coconut oil is a great alternative solution- no shears required. Just slather some directly on the affected area, let it sit for a couple hours, then the gum should just slide right off.

80. Coconut oil isn’t only for your hair, but is really good for your scalp as well. Dandruff? Be flake free by massaging a few drops of coconut oil directly onto your scalp. This will keep the dryness away and those unwanted flakes at bay.

81. Beard Oil – It’s true, even men who find facial hair oh so fashionable can definitely reap all the benefits that coconut oil has to offer. It makes a really great beard oil as well.

82. Beard Oil Blends – but if you want to be a little bit more creative, you can mix and match and instead of using coconut oil all on it’s own, check out how to make beard oil here.

83. Pre-shave- A little bit more for all the men out there, coconut oil can also be used as a pre-shave to help soften the skin as well as the facial hair.

84. And just as mentioned earlier, coconut oil can be used as shaving cream, yes, for men, too.

85. And also mentioned earlier, it can also be used as an aftershave, again, for men, too.

86. Eyebrow Gel- If you have thick eyebrows, coconut oil makes a great eyebrow gel to help you keep those tiny hairs in place.

87. Eyelash Growth Serum –  Why bother with falsies when you can get longer lashes the natural way?

coconut oil for health

Coconut Oil For Health

88. Coconut Oil Cough Syrup –  Got a cough you can’t seem to get rid of? Well, there is nothing sexy, nor comfortable about hacking and hacking away. Try this safe and healthy home remedy.

89. Coconut Oil For Colds- When dealing with a runny nose, you can actually rub a little coconut oil on the inside area of your nose. This works with allergies, too.

90. Chapped Nose- More on colds, all that blowing can cause chapped, chafing skin. Apply some coconut oil on the affected area to help soothe. But remember, prevention is always better than cure. So before all the nose blowing even starts, you might as well apply coconut oil around that area to begin with.

91. Cold Sore Treatment – Because of the lauric acid found in coconut oil, it can also be used to help treat cold sores. So, at the very first sight, make this mix and apply:

  • 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • 3 Drops Oregano Oil

92. Coconut Oil For Hot Flashes– Coconut oil can also be used to help when dealing with hot flashes. Two ways of using this, you can apply it topically or you can add it to your diet. Heck, you can even do both, actually. Everything you need to know about using coconut oil with hot flashes is here.

93. Coconut Oil For PMS- Did you know that adding coconut oil can also help you deal with your PMS?

  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 10 Drops Lavender Oil,
  • 5 Drops Chamomile Oil
  • 3 Drops Cypress Oil.

Mix  together and store in a bottle or jar. Rub onto abdomen to help relieve menstrual cramps.

94. All Around Itch Relief- Aside from sunburn, you can also use coconut oil on just about any itch you may have. Bug bite? Coconut oil. Rash? Coconut Oil. Dry skin? Hello??? Coconut oil.

95. Insect Repellant– Coconut oil can also be used as an insect repellant. Check out this safe bug balm recipe here.

96. Bruised? Coconut oil, after an ice pack that is, can also help not only reduce the appearance of a bruise but actually help heal it, too.

97. Cuts and scrapes? Coconut oil can also be used for minor, keyword is MINOR, injuries, like cuts and scrapes. Slathering some coconut oil on your cut will form a think antiseptic/antibacterial layer to protect it from infections and germs, just as with bruises, it will also help speed up the healing process, plus it reduces the chance of scarring after, too.

coconut oil in your diet

Coconut Oil In Your Diet

But you can also coconut oil to your diet and voila! Below you will find all sorts of healthy recipes that can help you get your coconut oil fix.

98. Coconut Oil “Creamer”- Coconut oil is extremely good for your health, and one way to take some in is by substituting your creamer with coconut oil. It gives it a nice little kick in your morning cuppa joe.

99. Coconut Oil Coffee– If you wanna do more than just add coconut oil to your coffee, check out this recipe- it has butter! How’s that for a yummy twist?

100. Coconut Oil Tea- If you can add it to your coffee, you can add it to your tea.

101. Coconut Oil Smoothies. That’s right. Whatever your all tome favorite recipe might be, you can go ahead and add coconut oil to the mix. Just jumped on the smoothing bandwagon? Well, here’s one creation that you should definitely try:

  • 1 Qvocado
  • 1 1/2 Cups milk
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Raw Honey
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 2-3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil (melted)

Slice open the Avocado, take out the seed, chop it up, dump into blender along with the other ingredients and whiz away.

102. Coconut Oil Green Smoothies – You can also create your own green smoothies as so, then just add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil for an extra health boost:

Green Smoothie Guide

103. Instead of using lard, use coconut oil when cooking. It is by far healthier and it makes your food super yummy, too.

104. Coconut Oil Oatmeal– Take something healthy and make it even healthier. Oatmeal is probably one of the best breakfasts you can have. Add a little coconut oil and you have yourself one super meal to start your day. I just love this soaked coconut oil oatmeal recipe. You do have to prepare it the night before though, but totally worth it.

105. Salad Dressing- Move over olive oil, but only for a little while. Olive oil is definitely the standard when it comes to salad dressing, but if you wanna change things up a bit, you can go ahead and use coconut oil instead.

106. Coconut Oil Vinaigrette – In case you don’t know where to start when it comes to making dressing, check out this sweet, tangy, lemony, dressing that has just a hint of coconut. YUM!

Photo and recipe from Pinch of Yum
Photo and recipe from Pinch of Yum

107. Granola –  This recipe has a lot of great, super healthy ingredients, but my favorite two in the mix are coconut oil and chia seeds. If this isn’t just the healthiest snack, what is?

108. You can even eat a spoonful of coconut oil as is on a daily basis to get all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

109. Cookies – Coconut oil is great for baking too. Peanut butter cookies anyone? Yummy and healthy at the same time.

110. Too lazy to bake cookies? Well, you can even just spread a little bit of coconut oil on toast.



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