2016 MTV VMA Queen Beyonce And Her Beauty Tips


2016 MTV VMA Queen Beyonce And Her Beauty Tips

Bey definitely slayed in the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. Not only did her hit Formation win Video of the Year, Best Pop Video, Best Choreography, Best Direction, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography, Hold Up won Best Female Video and Beyonce: Lemonade won Best Long Form Video. She definitely does her lyrics justice.

“I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it
I dream it, I work hard, I grind til I own it”

Aside from bagging practically all the moon men, Beyonce’s performace was nothing short of amazing. If you missed it, you can check it out below:

Obviously, all of that takes quite a lot of hard work. So, how does Beyonce keep her gorgeous glow? Because that is not just makeup. Truly a bare faced beauty, here are top three skin care tips straight from her very trusted makeup artist, John Barnett.

1. Use eye cream all over your face.
2. Use face cream on your body.
3. Drink Kale- and lots of it.

2016 MTV VMA Queen Beyonce And Her Beauty Tips

But if you want to know some of Bey’s beauty tips that comes straight from her lips, here are a couple we’ve managed to get:

At Home Beauty Treatment:

“There’s a scrub by Carol’s Daughter—Ocean Sea Salt Scrub—it feels like the beach and it has the most beautiful scent. I’m always rushing, and this scrub is moisturizing, so it cuts out a step for me because I don’t have to completely cover myself with lotion.”

Beauty Product Must Have:

“I love the Rosebud Salve in the blue can. I wear it with my lipstick. I did this trick last summer, when I was on vacation: I used it to prime my lashes before curling. It was like a natural mascara. It made the lashes hold the curl and look shiny. I use it for everything!”

Make Up Must Have:

“Makeup artists have a spray, it’s an after-spray. They sell it in every line,M.A.C. has one. After you put your powder on—I don’t know how it does it—but it makes your skin look like skin again. It takes away the chalkiness. That always makes me look more natural—you can see my pores and the shine in my skin. I use it every day now. I won’t wear a powder if I don’t have that. I keep one in my purse!”



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