Are Men’s Anti-Aging Skincare Products Different From Products Aimed At Women ?


Men's Anti-Aging Skincare Products - Difference between male and female anti-aging productsThe skin care industry is a huge industry. According to, United States consumers spent $33 Billion on skin care products in 2010. More than cars or TVs. It’s estimated that a massive 1.6 billion is spent on anti-aging skincare products alone.

So it’s not surprising that Cosmetic companies are coming up with all sorts of product lines. Products specifically aimed at men is one line or niche that has developed rapidly over the past few years but are they any different from female skin care products ? For that matter is male skin really that different to female skin. Let’s find out.

Difference Between Male And Female Skin

Generally speaking male and female skin is different :

  • Male skin is said to be thicker than female skin. That doesn’t mean they handle rejection any better but is physically 25% thicker than female skin. This is due to the influence of the male hormone testosterone.


  • Male skin is oilier than female skin. Sebum, the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands to protect the skin is more active in men than women.


  • Male skin has a higher density of collagen and elastin proteins than women. Collagen and elastin keep the skin smooth and supple.

So there is a bit of difference between male and female skin. This generally translates as male skin ages better than female skin.

This is often counterbalanced by the fact that women take better care of their skin than men. And male working conditions often expose them to things that age the skin more rapidly, sunlight being a major factor.

So what does this mean for the difference between male and female skin care products ?

Difference Between Male And Female Anti-aging Skin Care Products

The reality is that there is not a great deal of difference between skin care products for the sexes.

Cleansers that you use to clean the face and night creams that you put on at…errr night will all have a variety of antioxidants, moisturizers and exfoliates. They may also include some form of retinol that helps to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. These things help all skin, regardless of the skin’s gender or type.

The main difference between male and female products is look and smell of the products. Male products will have a masculine look to them. No curvy lines on the bottle…more like square and boxy. Like a Humvee.

The scent or fragrance of the products will also have a more masculine note to it too.

Marketing of male products is also slightly different. Firstly, products may be cheaper. Men may already be pushing out of their comfort zone admitting that they care for their skin so spending a regular fortune on it’s up keep is probably out of the question.

With this said, female anti-aging products come in many price ranges. You can get high end and budget products. Most male products are the equivalent of cheaper female products.

So What Does This All Mean ?

Yes, you can use your significant others skin care products provided  she lets you đŸ˜‰

Yes, you can buy female anti-aging skin care products and get similar results to the male equivalents.

Yes, you should be taking more care of your skin. It’s not wimpy. Taking pride in your appearance and keeping your skin healthy is common sense for both sexes.



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    All the anti-aging products in the world will not help much if you don’t address the underlying problem of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin which is lack of facial muscle tone.

    If you don’t look after the very foundation of your skin, the support structure upon which everything else relies, any other anti-aging treatment you try is doomed to fail.

    Without toned, strong muscles to support the skin, gravity takes over and everything starts ‘going south’. You start to look tired and world-weary as gravity sucks your face down toward your knees.

    Without healthy face muscles the foundation of your skin wastes away and your look more bony. Eyes become sunken and cheeks look hollow. The whole face starts to look skeletal and the skin becomes thin, dry and unhealthy looking.

    Simple daily exercises that tone the major facial muscle groups can help to firm and sculpt the contours of the face and prevent or reduce the visible signs of aging.

    Only by exercising your facial muscles and giving yourself a natural, non-surgical face lift so strengthening the underlying skin support can you hope to stay looking younger for longer. Anti-aging skin creams are a useful addition to your regime but not the total solution.

    Find a good program that shows you how to exercise the muscles of the face for a natural, non-surgical facelift.

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    I will forward this article to my husband! Haha! I’ve been convincing him to take care of his skin, but my pleas are left unheard. Men, as they are, thinks that skincare is all about vanity and such. I’ll let him use my stuff, so he doesn’t have to buy anything at all. Thanks for sharing!

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