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When it comes to our product line, BeYouthful Argan Oil is definitely an all time favorite. After all, why wouldn’t it be? Argan Oil has been dubbed many things, even by celebrities, but ‘Liquid Gold’ is probably the one we like best – it’s pretty accurate and it does have a nice ring to it.

But if Argan oil is all new to you, don’t just get drawn in by shiny words (liquid gold) Make reading a habit! (And start with this!) Here is just about everything you need to know about Argan Oil.

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What Is Argan Oil And Where Does It Come From?

Argan oil , believe it or not, but despite it’s recent popularity, this liquid gold been around for years and years on end. It dates back to the ancient times.  Tried and tested you could say, what is even more amazing is that not only has the oil been around that long, but the way the oil is used is more or less the same. Hows that for a good product?

Argan oil originated in Morocco, where the Argania Spinosa, the Argan tree, can be found. That is probably one of the reasons some call it Moroccan oil. You may think that finding these now endangered trees is the hard part of the process, but wait until you find out how the oil is obtained.

The fruits first need to be harvested. Once gathered, the Argan fruits have to be peeled, cracked open, pulp removed and all. Then the kernels inside will be taken out, all done by hand.

Depending on which procedure is chosen, the kernels that were removed will either be pressed, roasted, or ground. Again, traditionally, this step is also be done by hand, which as you can imagine would be very tedious work, but thanks to modern technology, there is now the option to let a machine can do the rest of the work. But even with the help of the machine, the process of getting Argan oil isn’t done yet. After all those steps, you will have to wait and let it sit for about three weeks or so before the oil will be ready.

Tedious and time consuming, but after all that, the saying “to enjoy the fruits (oil) of your labor” seems to fit in just right.

BeYouthful Argan Oil is ethically sourced and fairly traded from Berber women’s co-operatives in Morocco and bottled in the USA.

So Why Is Argan Oil Good For You?

Argan oil

Although the top four are mentioned above, all in all, Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Phenols, Carotenes, Squalene, Essential Fatty Acids and Saponins.

BeYouthful Argan Oil helps preserve collagen and stimulate its growth. Antioxidants fight off nasty free radicals and keep you looking young. Even the moisture content in your skin will be improved through regular use. The abundance of vitamins and minerals promote overall skin and hair health. It can even help with acne blemishes and scarring. Try it on stretch marks and see them fade away. A few drops on your cuticles and you will have stronger, healthier nails too.

How Do You Use Argan Oil?

BeYouthful Argan Oil, as mentioned above, can be used directly on your skin, hair, and even nails. Here are a couple ideas on how to use it as is. Just remember, when it comes to Argan Oil, just a little really does go a long way.

beauty uses of argan oil

Where to Get Argan Oil?

Great on the skin and easy on the pocket, the BeYouthful health, beauty, and all around anti aging line believes that products don’t have to be expensive to be effective. We like to do things the safe and natural way.

Argan Oil

BeYouthful Argan Oil is Ecocert, USDA Certified 100% Pure, Organic, and Cold Pressed Argan Oil.

BeYouthful Argan Oil is available on

If you’re in the United States and you want to get your hands on some, CLICK HERE!

But if you’re in the UK, you should CLICK HERE!

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What Others Have To Say About Our Argan Oil:

Argan Oil is just simply amazing, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out what others have to say about BeYouthful Argan Oil.

“This has done wonders for my skin. Keeps it soft and smooth and I’ve noticed that my skin has been much clearer since I started using this. All it takes is a few drops, so I’m sure this bottle will last me a long time.”- Ashlyn Reagan

“I was always curious about trying this product and I fell in love with it. It def will strengthen your hair and it will give it a smooth shine. I also can use it for an anitaging product for any of my dyi facial masks or for to strengthen my nails. I love love this product and the fact that is 100% organic and cold pressed makes me feel better!!! Highly recommend it to anyone!!! <3 <3 <3
Thank You for this wonderful product!!!!” -Rebecca Oliver

“This argan oil is very similar to a well-known but much more expensive 100% moroccan oil. Just a couple of drops is all you need – I use it on my hair ends, when it’s dry, to give it shine and texture.
I don’t use the oil on my face, but I love it for my hands, nails and cuticles. Since using this daily, my nails have stopped peeling and bending – they are strong and growing!
I’ve used several different argan oils, this one is well priced for a large bottle – well worth purchasing! “-CherylOh

“Lovely product, so glad I went for this one. My hair was awful and made me feel ugly. It was dry, brittle and terrible condition. I am a mature lady and the sun didn’t help. However after searching for ideas for dry hair, I came across pure Argan Oil, my daughter had told me about Argan Oil, she managers a hair& beauty salon. After reading reviews of this and others decided on this one. I’m so glad I did, I received an email from them explaining how to use it for best results etc, I’ve never had before from a seller. I can honestly say my hair is in lovely condition now it’s my second time of using it, I think I put too much in first time so my hair stayed flat. But this time a couple of drops on damp hair, perfect, and don’t forget the face. I love it on my face and don’t need my moisture cream. I will always use it!”- Ms. R Bennett “Rosemary”

“Very quick & efficient service. Product is very acceptable for me as it is odourless. Have used it in different ways at some point every day & have found the oil more than beneficial, I have recommended it to various friends. Thank you, Christine Boden.”

“I’ve been using this for two weeks and it’s really nice. Just a few drops goes a long way. The dropper is easy to use, just squeeze some on to the palm of your hand and use it on your face and neck, then rub the remainder into your hands and nails. The moisturiser lasts all day too.”- Deborah Macclesfield

These are all genuine reviews, all of which (and more) you can find on the Amazon pages (both the US and UK!). Tried it yourself? We’d love to hear from you!

BeYouthful, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!