Know The Knowles Way- Beyoncé’s Top Beauty Tips And Tricks


Born in Texas, this steamy star from the South has come a long way from debuting as the lead singer of the R&B group Destiny’s Child to becoming a mother herself.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles: singer/song writer/Grammy award winner (multi award winner actually) /film actress/wife (married to Jay-Z) /mom of one (to little Blue Ivy)

At 33, Bey Bey is an absolute beauty. And now you too can know the Knowles way as she reveals some of her top beauty tips and tricks.

Read on to find out.

Beyoncé’s Top Beauty Tips

Beyoncé On Skin Care:

“Even if you’re blessed with good skin, you still have to take care of it. Eating well, drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest all help with my skin. I’ve also discovered some of the best moisturisers while in Europe, like Eucerin’s Aquaporin.”

After washing her face, which she is known to do at least twice a day, along with smearing Aquaporin (aka drug store Aquaphor) all over her face before going to bed, Beyoncé has also been known to be a big fan of Emu Oil- a great all natural anti aging skin softener and moisturizer.

“I go to bed looking totally greasy. It’s not all glamour all the time.”

She has also admits to slathering her self with sun screen to keep protected. But more than just shielding her skin from those nasty UV rays, she also protects her eyes (anti –aging and anti-fatigue beauty trick!)

“I always keep a pair of Ray-Bans handy! And sometimes I put a little gold eye shadow in the inner corners of my eyes—it’s more subtle than white, but it still really makes you look more awake.”

Beyoncé On “Eating well…”

“Well, I don’t eat pasta every day. I’m not trying to lose or gain weight, but I do have to work out and watch what I eat. I’m not someone who can go crazy. I’ll usually have cereal for breakfast and a salad for lunch and a light dinner, and then on Sundays I’ll allow myself to have whatever I want.”


And As For Exercising…

“I’ve never been all that consistent. If I’m onstage doing a performance for two and a half hours, I don’t really think I need to do anything else. So when I’m on tour, I let it slide. But I just started working out at the Tracy Anderson gym. It’s hard work!”

Beyoncé’s Beauty Icons:

But even being a beauty icon herself, she too has looked up to those who came before her. When asked who her beauty icons were, this is what she said:

“I have many. I really appreciate Audrey Hepburn, and of course, Marilyn Monroe. I like risk takers like Cher and Diana Ross. I like people that find what looks really good on them. I think that’s the most important tip. There are things that I love that I know won’t work for me—these women found the perfect silhouette for their bodies, the perfect cut of suits and dresses, the perfect hairstyle. Their choices made them more beautiful rather than distracting from their beauty.”

Beyoncé’s Final Advice:

But even Sasha Fierce Has to pass on the torch, or at least share her flame eventually – so when asked about giving beauty advice to her own baby, Blue Ivy…

“My biggest thing is to teach Blue not to focus on the aesthetic. It’s really about who you are, and the human being, that makes you beautiful.”

Bey Bey and her Baby, Blue... <3
Bey Bey and her Baby, Blue… <3