Go For The Gold On Your Plate! Top Five Food Choices of Professional Athletes


The Olympics is in full swing and by watching people from all over the world come together in the spirit of healthy competition, you can’t help but feel proud (of your country, of your favorite team, of your favorite athlete), amazed, and of course, even inspired. So, whether you have goals of snagging your own gold medal or actually sticking to your thrice a week gym sched, a good place to start is right on your plate. Following workout routines of pro athletes might be a tad bit too grueling, especially for someone relatively starting out. So incorporating certain foods into your daily diet is a much easier way to go, not to mention a necessary one, too. Gold medal nutrition, as they say, is indeed key. So, alongside the given fresh fruits and veggies, here are the top five healthy food choices of professional athletes.

Top Five Food Choices of Professional Athletes

Sweet Potatoes

Carbs are not bad for you. In fact, you need carbs to keep you going. It’s just a matter of choosing your sources wisely. Sweet potatoes definitely top the list. Not only do these give a nice, slightly sweet, pick me up, but sweet potatoes are packed with potent antioxidants, Vitamin C, and even beta carotene thus making it a great, healthy and tasty choice. Just make sure you don’t fry them. Steamed and or boiled are the way to go.

Top Five Food Choices of Professional Athletes


Athletes need their lean protein, it is absolutely necessary when it comes to building muscle, and salmon is probably one of the best ways to get it, alongside other oily fish such as mackerel and trout, that is. But more than just building, it also helps with the recovery process as salmon is also loaded with anti inflammatory omega 3 fats, too. Eat it raw as sushi or baked in the oven. Again, none of that frying business.

Top Five Food Choices of Professional Athletes



It is especially true for athletes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One of the best morning meals is none other than a bowl of oatmeal. Again, it gives you the carbs you need to fuel your day at the same time, it is also full of fiber, which is not only good for your digestion, but it actually keep you fuller longer. Throw in a banana, some berries, maybe even some seeds like chia or flax to add a powerful healthy punch.

Top Five Food Choices of Professional Athletes


Eggs are a really good source of protein, and fat- the good kind, and a whole lot more. They are rich in iron, phosphorous, selenium and vitamins A, B12, B2 and B5 and even the yolk, although it has gotten a lot of bad rep, is actually a great source of carotenoids. It has actually been said that taking an egg is like taking a vitamin pill. That’s how good eggs can be. Just make sure that you have them boiled.

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Here we are again with the healthy kind of fat, although avocado is a great choice, you can also get a good dose of it from coconut oil. Take a spoonful each morning or use it to cook, either way, it is good for metabolism and energy because it is high in medium chain triglycerides. Another great oil alternative- olive.

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