Homemade Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm


homemade Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm

As we always say here at BeYouthful, “Dry skin is a sin and is the root of all wrinkles.” Well, that applies to your lips as well, especially today in the world of matte liquid lipsticks. No matter how moisturizing they claim to be, they do take a toll on your precious pucker leaving your lips high and dry, and sometimes even chapped, too.

Now we’re not saying that you should pass on the pop color. Just be sure to moisturize before applying it. The best way? Well, after giving your lips some love with a good old scrub, follow up with a kick ass balm. Our current fave? This Homemade Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm.

What You Need:

  •  1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons grated beeswax
  •  3-5 drops pomegranate oil (You can get some of the good stuff here!)
  •  3-5 drops vanilla
  •  Container of choice – tin can or tiny glass jar are preferable

What To Do:

First, you have to get your coconut oil and grated beeswax, both in a microwave safe bowl, and mix. Into the microwave for a full minute. Mix it up a bit some more and pop it right back in for another minute. Keep on stirring until everything is blended together. Add your pomegranate oil and mix. And then add some flavor with your vanilla and stir it one last time. Stir it well.

Next, you want to pour your mixture into your container. Let it cool completely and then leave it in the fridge overnight. Come morning, the mixture should have hardened and you have your very own Homemade Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm. Apply generously on your lips as often as you like.


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