Infographic: Natural Cleansers


One of the key steps in any beauty routine is definitely cleansing. Actually, the top three go as follows: 1. Cleanse 2. Moisturize 3. Protect, and then it is just a matter of tweaking and adding other parts to suit your personal needs and address specific skincare issues. Its seems rather simple, right? Stick to 1,2,3 and add A, B, C. But where it actually gets a bit complicated is choosing which products to use. With so many brands on the market today that promise this and that, picking out the perfect cleanser can be quite difficult- not to mention that you might not even know all the ingredients listed on the label. So, if you want something safe and effective, and if you’re feeling a bit creative and crafty, then you might wanna try out a couple of these Natural Cleansers.

Here are five that are easy to find (only one ingredient for each recipe!) and are super easy to make. Sure, you may have already found your absolute favourite product that does your skin really well, but if you wanna change things up a bit, which you should every once in a while,  natural cleansers are a pretty good way to go. After all, you can always go back to your trusted brand whenever you like.

Interested? Well, go ahead and have a look. You probably already have a couple of these waiting in your kitchen already. Enjoy!

Natural Cleansers

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