Infographic: YogAromatherapy


Yoga, a Hindu practice that uses various breathing techniques, meditation, and the adoption of different body postures has been known to have physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, while aromatherapy on the other hand, based on the specific essential oil or even blend of oils being used can have numerous therapeutic benefits. Put yoga and aromatherapy, and you have YogAromatherapy. This focuses on using essential oils to help further enhance your yoga practice.

The infographic below talks about the top three methods on how to incorporate aromatherapy into your yoga practice: Through diffusing, which may be done with a candle burner or, even better, and ultrasonic diffuser, through purifying, and through anointing.

But aside from the methods of application, you will also learn about essential oils, basically which oils to what and how they can enhance your practice.  Interested in YogAromatherapy? Well then, let’s just go ahead and jump right in.


Yoga plus aromatherapy : YogAromatherapy. So now you know the top three methods of application as well as the various uses of different essential oils, which ones are best to bring a refreshing and uplifting energy to your space, which ones can help with balance and stability in your yoga poses, which ones can help you relax,  as well as the ones that help promote transcendence and spiritual expression. But if you want to learn how to mix and match you oils, then you should definitely check out this post on blending for beginners.

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