Kylie Jenner’s Ultimate Lip Care Tip And Other Beauty Tips


There’s no doubt about it, Kylie Jenner knows more than just a thing or two about gorgeous lips. Her self named Kylie Lip Kits always seem to be sold out. Her most recent launch introducing her three new Kylie Lip Kit colors were gone in just eight minutes! Love her or hate her, women everywhere just can’t seem to get enough them, despite the relatively high price tag.


So, how does this 18 year old do it? Sure, we may not know the secret to her success, but what we do know is her ultimate lip care tip and a couple other beauty secrets that she has decided to divulge.

Interested? Well, pucker up and let’s go ahead and dive right in, starting with Kylie Jenner’s ultimate lip care tip.

Kylie Jenner’s Ultimate Lip Care Tip:

“To care for my lips I use Chap Stick all the time, I always have one in my bag, it’s an essential! I have new colours for my lip products launching soon which is exciting. I love that my fans are really loving my Lip Kits so far. I am working hard to expand my Kylie Cosmetics line… there is so much coming up but I can’t say right now!”

Kylie Jenner Lip care

So, just as we always say, moisturize, mositurize, moisturize. Remember, ladies, dry skin is a sin and is the root of all wrinkles- your lips are skin, but much more sensitive. So, treat them well.

Especially when dealing with matte lipsticks, (Kylie’s top products!) you wanna make sure that you exfoliate and moisturize your lips first to get the smoothest application.

Having said that, more than just chap stick, the Kardashian-Jenner glam guru, Hrush Achemyan, who, by the way, is behind some of Kylies online makeup tutorials, has also shared some of her own smacking secrets.

“Just like our face needs primer, I like to use a lip primer too. When our lips are primed, everything stays on way longer. So the lip is smooth I always do a lip scrub first, then ChapStick to make sure it’s moisturized. To finish I always go around the lip with a light translucent powder to stop the lipstick from getting leaky. And this is so important: I always say drink out of a straw.”

So, a quick recap on lip care:

  • Scrub
  • Moisturier
  • Primer
  • Lipstick
  • Powder

“One thing I want to make clear is that you should wear everything with confidence. If you’re confident with how you’re rocking a look, you’re going to look pretty no matter what.”

Thank you, Hrush Achemyan, thank you.

Back to Kylie, here are a couple of her other beauty tips and tricks, mostly around skincare. More or less, it all goes back to your thee beauty basics.


“I do get pimples sometimes when I’m like, hormonal. I use really random stuff all the time. I don’t have a specific regimen, but my sister’s dermatologist has this little company that I like, and it’s all-natural cleansers. Her name is Christie Kidd. And I like Kiehl’s products. The makeup remover that I love is Pond’s. That’s the only thing I’ve used my whole life.

Kylie jenner beauty secrets

Although we are all guilty, try as best you can to never sleep with your makeup on. Wash that stuff off before hitting the sheets, or as Kylie mentions, if you’re too lazy to go through the whole night time routine of washing, at least settle for some makeup remover. (Coconut oil is a great natural way to get makeup off and even moisturize your skin at the same time.)

So that’s for cleansing, and for moisturizing…

“I travel loads so I like to use products which hydrate and freshen up my skin. I use the NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix as it puts the hydration back into my skin every day. My travel skin tip is to take your makeup off and use masks to hydrate the skin when you’re on a flight. I use the NIP+FAB Kale Fix moisturiser if my skin is dry from travelling as it is so hydrating.”

And finally, protect the skin you’re in. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got. Taken from her big sis, Khloe, here is one bit of advice that even though Kylie’s changing routines, this is actually the one that stays pretty constant, and for good reason, too.

Simple and on point…

“Khloe always tells me to wear sunscreen.”

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