Leighton Meester’s Homemade Skincare



Leighton Meester, singer, songwriter, model, and actress, she is probably best known as Blair Waldorf. However, this 31 year old mom of 1 (Who, by the way, married Adam Brody, who was made popular by his role as Seth Cohan. Remember The OC?) despite her fame, is nothing like her most iconic character.

Forget the glitz and glam, in real life, Leighton is a much more down to earth jeans and sneakers kind of gal.

Leighton Meester


Heck, she even keeps her skin care simple, usually wearing little to no makeup at all.

‘I’m pretty easygoing. I like no make-up. I don’t usually do too much in the makeup department. It’s out of laziness. I don’t like touching it up, and I don’t like taking it off.’

But another secret that this Gossip Girl star decided to spill is her very own homemade lotion recipe.

“I actually make my own. It’s Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, essential oils, and all kind of stuff. Then you mix it, it smells good.”

But she did warn that the whole homemade skincare process can get a bit greasy.

 “You slip and slide everywhere!”

In fact, she’s also taken the homemade natural routine to her hair care as well. She also says that instead of using shampoo, she has been giving her locks some love with good old apple cider vinegar.




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