Why Pomegranate Oil Is Good For You




When it comes to antioxidants, it basically goes as Antioxidants = Anti Aging. You see, antioxidants  fight off nasty free radicals that come harmful UV rays. These free radicals, if not taken care of,  can do quite a number on your skin causing cellular degradation and premature aging, aka wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots, along with a dull and uneven tone to name a few. You can learn more about free radicals  here in this video below:

Vitamins and Minerals

Pomegranate oil is full of B1, B2, C, potassium, and magnesium. All these vitamins and minerals help improve immune, hormonal, circulatory, and metabolic health.


The form of phytoestrogen found in pomegranate oil is actually compatible for both men and women. Now what does this actually do? Well, put simply, it is great for healthy skin plus it even keeps your hormonal balance in check.

Anti Inflammatory Properties

Not only does this leave your skin with a healthy, youthful glow, but it can even help heal wounds faster.

PLUS, aside from all the good stuff we just mentioned, another benefit of pomegranate oil is that it is a DRY OIL with a conjugated molecular structure. This means that pomegranate oil is compatible with ALL SKIN TYPES and because it is a DRY oil, it is easily absorbed into your skin, it locks in moisture, but it doesn’t leave any greasy feel.



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