Viola Davis’ Go-To Drug Store Skin Care


viola davis

Viola Davis is an actress, producer, winner of multiple awards (including the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, Tony, People’s Choice, and the list goes on and on, not to mention that she is the only African-American actress to win the Triple Crown of Acting.) wife, and mother, to name a few of her most notable achievements.

But what we want to know from the How To Get Away With Murder star is how to get glowing skin on a budget? What is Viola Davis’ Go-To Drug Store Skin Care secret?

Believe it or not, but her go to drug store skin care secret is actually not a secret at all.

“Oh, my entire life it’s (dry skin) been a struggle. I’m an African-American so you see my dry skin. They call it “ash.” We say “it looks like you’ve been rolling around in some flour.” So, I struggled because I grew up in poverty so we had to use Vaseline. It was affordable, it was readily available, and it worked wonders most importantly. And it was multipurpose. My sister used it when she burnt the whole side of her face making sugar candy — it soothed her burns. We had a lot of dry, cracked skin that ended up being cracked in our joints, and the Vaseline soothed that. And I still use it to this day on my daughter and on the bottom of my feet. It’s my go-to product.”

More than just a go to for herself, Viola Davis has even joined The Vaseline Healing Project. You can learn more about it in the video below.


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