Zendaya’s Top Skincare Tips : Plus Zendaya’s Homemade Hair Masks


Zendaya’s Top Skincare Tips

So the latest Spider Man is just about to swing into theaters with a whole new cast and a fresh new take on the beloved Franchise. Speaking of FRESH, although we have yet to confirm who Zendaya’s character really is, Michelle, and lack way too many details to actually do so (you’ll just have to watch Spider Man Homecoming to find out), we do, however, know Zendaya’s top skincare tips.

After all, when it comes to young, fresh, dewy, clear, and just down right gorgeous skin, the proof is in the pudding. Zendaya definitely knows what she’s talking about.

Interested? Keep on reading.

Less Is More

“Less is more when it comes to taking care of your skin. I use makeup-removing wipes, a really good, lightweight moisturizer, and Carmex for my lips. You can’t have chapped lips!”

Choose The Right Stuff

“I use anything that’s easy on the skin. I don’t like things that are too harsh or too strong,”

Again, Less Is More

“I was encouraged by my fans to not wear so much makeup. You know, especially being a teenager, we like to think that we need makeup every day, even for going to school—like, I can’t go outside without my eyeliner. It’s weird! I don’t know why we do that. So, I enforced this whole natural thing.”

Zendaya’s Top Skincare Tips

But when it all comes down to it, here’s what Zendaya’s whole take on beauty.

“If you’re asking for the answers, they don’t exist. Beauty has no definition, and if you do create a definition for yourself as you grow older, it’s ever-changing. It’ll be very different from when you’re my age and you’re 18 years old to when you’re 22 and when you’re 30. Take your time.”

Zendaya’s Homemade Hair Masks

As Zendaya had mentioned earlier that she doesn’t like harsh and strong ingredients, here is a video of her using all natural and chemical-free ones that you probably already have in your kitchen to make her very own homemade hair masks. Check out the video below.


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